A Piece of Mind written Jan 13th, 2019
If I could put a lasso around the moon; I’ll pin it to the ground so it could hover above my head like a balloon. As I lay, picturesque so serene; a vision to behold, only seen in my dreams. Mt wandering eyes give the clouds a look as they open up like pages in a book.
No disrespect to the gods up above; cuz beneath your moon is where I’m relaxing. A sudden change in the clouds, it is understood; by mid-morning I’ll release it back to the skies, it’s all good. As my mind finds peace, I wave goodbye to that moon in the sky; for this moment is forever embedded in my mind’s eye.
Stephen Sugarman Reed
S.V.S.P. C2-128
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA. 93960