I want to thank all of you for your support of Designed Conviction. Our vast prison population in the USA greatly needs organizations like this one to aid us in correcting our mindsets, and promoting self-expression through our art is one of the best ways to do it.

I am one of the many lifers in Virginia, and I am a self-taught artist who specializes in pen-drawn portraits. I find the stipple style is not only therapeutic but gives the photographic quality I look for in a portrait. My art is how I connect with people outside these walls. Being a prisoner is difficult for me in that I struggle to find ways to right my wrongs and contribute to society. That is why I am so inspired about Designed Conviction. They give us the opportunity to express ourselves through art and the chance to make someone outside these walls smile.

This site costs money to run and publish the newsletters. So please support them and help continue this positive communication cycle through art.

Adam Baumann #1184951


24427 Mussellwhite Drive

Waverly, VA 23891