Think you got what it takes to stand out from the crowd?

Ever feel like your talents need to be showcased and noticed for you to take off? We want to be that catalyst for you. We want to advertise, display, and promote you and your hard work.

Our contest will be up for the public to vote in the winners. We will be posting on social media, so be sure to tell your friends and family to look for you and put in their votes.

What do you get?
First place gets a free website with domain and hosting for a year!, all the qualified entries get a free copy of the “Convicted Entrepreneur”. The first 10 winners will be published in the special yearly edition of Outside Designed Conviction The magazine. The first twenty will be published in our online edition.
Each one will be added to our online catalog of artists or writers with their portfolio with a picture and contact information. All contestants will get a free profile on our website.

How many and when should I submit my piece?
There is no limit to how many submissions a person can enter, and the contest is free to enter.
You may have multiple entries per contest. All must be original pieces.

What are the categories?
The best part about this contest is that there are multiple winners and several ways to win.
Categories: Artwork, Beading, Writing

Make sure you put a positive message. All must be original pieces.

When is the contest held?

We have changed our approach. As we move on to promoting and marketing the cause to better engage the audience, we’re going to be hosting an annual contest instead of quarterly. This will give more time to build the contest and the participants to gain more exposure.
In order to have your piece considered for our annual event, your piece should be mailed/submitted by June 30th.

How can they vote for me?
Ask your friends and family to visit to get the full details and instructions on how voting works.

At the end of the year we will host an art gallery to promote all the art and writing submitted and feature the winners. All credits will go to the artist.

Mail us your piece(s), a picture of you and up to 300 words for your free profile to:

Designed Conviction LLC

1001 Cooper Point Rd SW  Ste 140-223
Olympia, WA 98502

Rules & Regulations

By entering this contest, you and a third party who submits your entry for you both agree to abide by these rules and agree to the decision made about the winner.

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. We will not submit gang-related material.
By entering you consent to Designed Conviction LLC to use your submission for any purposes without any liability or limitation. You also authorize the use of your name and information to promote your artwork.

By entering into this contest entrants release and hold harmless Designed Conviction LLC, its owners, and anybody associated with Designed Conviction LLC. Any submissions made will be considered a gift to Designed Conviction LLC and become the property of Designed Conviction LLC and contestants release all rights, claims or ownership thereof.

The contestant will get credit for published work. The contestant releases any claim of monetary value or future monetary value which may come.

Please understand that we need money to be able to make these publications promote you and your talent.

Currently, we are funding this project mostly out of our pocket. So your contribution will go towards helping fund this project.

It is not easy to make money off of art and promotion is not cheap.

We understand if this is not for you, no worries. Please pass this along. Thank you.