I wanted to let everyone to know that I have moved and now I give and now I give you my new address.
I moved from the beggar’s alley, located in poverty lane at the corner of bleak and busted circle.
As of today, I have a brand-new home.
My new address is living well drive in the abundance subdivision located at the corner of blessing street and thankful peak. You can get there by taking the praising him interstate, which runs north, south, east and west. No longer will I allow myself to travel on begging Peter to pay Paul route because it is located at a dead end called, I don’t have which crosses borrower’s junction.
I no longer hang out at the failures place, near excuses avenue, next to procrastination mall. I moved on to an upscale community called higher heights, with unlimited potential and opportunities for me to succeed.
Look at me! Please know that each day God awakens me, I’m thankful to be a product of my new environment. All of my clothes are masterfully TaylorMade. I am dressed in life’s finest. Allow me to introduce you to my most affective and effective neighbors: conceive it, believe it, act on and achieve it, have faith, be persistent and always be prepared to achieve.
Life is good because God is good. Have you moved too? If not, I will pray that you will be moving soon.

by Taveuan Williams