Like the caterpillar into a butterfly. From being on your belly to being able to fly. From being angry, violent and delirious. Into a servant, savior, and someone serious. From being a problem that causes social pollution into an urban specialist with a solution. Change. From taking pills, try to steal and running from what is real. Into a decisive, deliberate leader with a string will. Change. From small mindedness, foul language, and foolishness. Into an entrepreneur with multiple businesses. Change. From a life of carnality, cowardliness, and sin. Into a treasure and pleasure for all men. Change. From the inside out and let it begin with your mouth. Change. From bad to good then help save one person from the hood. Change. From being Godless to being Godly. And especially from the way you destroy your body. Change. And finally, change and become a help to your family. Change so that you can have gain and avoid future pain. Change is now!

By Daniel Byrd