I have been told I bring smiles to many faces,
It feels like those are distant times in far away places.
All around me is anger and rage,
wishing I could simply turn the page.
I’m changing I feel it this is no good,
waking everyday stuck in this hood.
Locked up in this concrete box,
walking in circles wearing holes in my socks.
Listening to dudes steadily beat,
banging on doors while stomping their feet.
This is my day here in this cell,
it all started in county where I sat without bail.
Looking in the mirror its hard to see,
the positive person I used to be.
Here at High Desert I’m losing my cool,
Trying real hard to not act a fool.
I hate this place it’s not for me,
day by day until I’m once again free.
I’m losing myself man that what it seems,
I pray to the Gods they’ll wake me from these dreams.
By Joshua Roberts