Slipping, slipping, I’m losing my way,
it becomes harder with every waking day.
Think it through, don’t make mistakes.
One wrong move is all it takes.
Want to go home, got to do right.
At this point in time there is an end in sight.
Got to think clearly, I decided my fate.
Keep my eyes open and don’t show up late.
One day at a time, that’s all I can do.
Today, tomorrow, the day after too.
The day after that is when it got quiet,
its the clam before the storm, known as a riot.
Shots fired on the ground is all I hear.
Now I’ve lost it all, all that I hold dear.
Now I’m in the hole, secluded from the rest,
paying the price for passing the test.
So much time to think of where I went wrong,
sitting in this cell singing this song.
Got to do better next time around
or prepare to be lonely, with only my sound.
By Joshua Roberts