A fortunate twist of fate found the author of “The Master Plan” Chris Wilson with a second chance in life.
Born and raised in Washington D.C. He grew up amidst addiction, poverty, and gun violence being normal happenings in day-to-day life. At the young age of 17, Chris was charged with murder, convicted, and sentenced to natural life In prison.
At first, he gave up and became extremely depressed, thinking his life was over. However, during these lonely times of isolation, he decided he would not only turn his life around but also wanted to make a difference and help others.
It was during these dark times he created his “Master Plan.” A plan to get this life on track and help others. Bringing him to accomplish goals like completing an Associate degree, several vocational shops, becoming a mentor and teaching himself to speak several languages.
After sixteen years in prison, he was able to petition the judge, and all this was taken into consideration. They granted him parole, and he was able to return to society a changed man. Chris Wilson has made good on his commitment to giving back; following is the “Master Plan.”
He now lives in Baltimore city and is the owner and founder of the Barclay Investment Corporation. He also started the house of Davinci, a high-end furniture restoration company. Along with Master plan productions, a social impact content development company. As well as becoming a professional commissioning Artist in multimedia.
Chris Wilson was sentenced to life in prison at age 17 and told he would never get out. Instead of giving up, he decided to create a better future. He crafted his “Master Plan” a list of expectations he set out to accomplish. Instead of making this life sentence the end of his story, it became the beginning. His story inspires in many ways, a true beacon of light in the darkness.