I ask myself quietly but inwardly, can I make possible an impossibility? My dreams dangerously flirting into your desires copulating into a physical reality. To believe that love cannot be born out of a lustful passion to me is just plain foolishness. If a one-night stand can be born over a couple of shots of vodka who can say that our mental sex play can’t do it.
Stay true to it is what I always tell myself, about my feelings which to me is my wealth.
If I go broke, I’d rather blow it all on trying to buy you. Guess who it is? It’s you and no one else to infringe upon something already taken.
But boy, how alluring the beauty of your face and the gravity in your sunrise eyes.
Forgive me for daydreaming an imaginary reality but the excitement I feel when I’m near to you is like a drug addiction that one cannot hide.
by Taveuan Williams