Confined with Covid-19

By Dushaan Gillum

I laid down feeling fine

Woke up feeling like I was dying

My body felt like it was frying

I spent my waking moments crying

My whole body was aching

I was not cold but I was shaking


To have my temperature taken

So they would know I was not faking

I was unbelievably weak

In and out of sleep

Nauseous and unable to eat

Finding it hard to breathe

Locked in my cell

Ignored and going through hell

Repeatedly asking for help

But left to fend for myself

It was worse that the flu

I had no idea what to do

My vision was pitted with black and blue

And I knew that I was through

Medical assistance finally came

And though I received nothing for the pain

I had a chance to explain

What I had suffered through for days

But quarantine was not better

Windows were open during cold weather

My eyes and skin became redder

My nose just ran wetter

Everyone around me was sick

I lost count of their hospital trips

Each report of death was a hit

On a mind that had already slipped

I had no energy to fight

I feared I was next to die

With no chance to say goodbye

Or having lived a full life

Though mine was a mild case

I’m alive only by God’s grace

After all that took place

There’s still a smile on my face