The name Sin G, was derived from the streets, but as one evolves, horizons broaden, I came to think of the name as much profound. The ancient sumerian civilization believed in a moon God by the name of “sin”. Unlike prevailing civilizations of today where the moon is largely associated with the feminine aspect, theirs was of a masculine one. I also like to think of myself as “sincere”. As a sagittarius, it is said that we are straightforward and honest “ what I said is what I mean “, “Sin G”, along with the “sun city” compilation of mixtapes is what I will be basing my brand after. As a rapper, song-writer and a musical composer. Be it as it may ( my incarceration ) renders it hard to promote my work and produce it for the masses. Until then, stay in tuned and I will be releasing “bits and pieces” of what I would consider “floetry”. Even through the emphasis which can only come after a source of litany that only the writer can recite, I hope and pray that the impact is felt and I thank each and everyone of you who choose to delve into my thoughts. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Abed Othman M16279
P.O Box 1000 (Menard CC)
Menard, IL 62259