Thank you for stopping to read more about me. I´m 6 foot tall, athletic, occasionally silly guy for a kindhearted female friend who´s open-minded and really loves to laugh. There is nothing quite like writing letters to get to know someone, their unique talents and delightful quirks.
Obviously, everyone “out there” is not locked up, but not all of them are free either. Sometimes not having anyone who understands you can feel like its own type of cage. But knowing someone thinks about you throughout the day makes the world seem smaller, more connected, and a whole lot sweeter.
Being in this place all these years has taught me some surprising truths. Like that the friends we make in unlikely places are often the ones that really last. That beautiful thoughts cannot be imprisoned, and that God can use a lock to set you free.
I´m into music-everything from Blues to Trance. I even write my own songs sometimes. I love movies, good books, the ocean, trying new foods and new things. Oh, and of course I practice. Feel free to write from another country.
As I prepare to get out in the next two years, maybe we can keep each other company. I´m an excellent listener and I´d love to hear more about you. Hope to hear from you soon!

Benjamin Frandsen   # F29177  VSP/D1-22-4vp

P.O. Box 92 , Chowchilla, CA 93610