Bobby Bostic #526795

Jefferson County Correctional Center

8200 No More Victims Road, Jefferson City

MO 65101, USA

A lost and troubled 16 year old soul trying to find his place in the world but always seemed to be looking in the wrong places and doing the wrong things.

In the winter of December 1995, while walking through an impoverished city neighborhood, I, along with an associate Donald Hutson saw some people we did not recognize and decided to rob them.  There were five people in this crowd but we only robbed two of them and one victim was shot but not injured badly (the bullet only grazed them). Subsequently from the incident I was charged with 2 counts of first degree robbery, and 3 attempted robbery for the other three people in the crowd, 2 first degree assaults and 7 counts of armed criminal action.  Shortly thereafter about 30 minutes later and about 8 blocks away we committed another robbery and took the victim’s car driving a few blocks away from the robbery.  Consequently, I was charged with kidnapping and armed criminal action as well. In all I was charged with 17 counts from these incidents due to accomplice liability.  The trial for all these charges was held at the same time.

The only plea bargain I was offered was for a life sentence.  I went to trial and a jury found me guilty of all counts.  The jury recommended 30 years for three robberies, and 15 years for the first degree assaults and kidnapping, and 5 to 10 years for the attempted robberies and armed criminal action charges.  The final decision was left to the judge to run the sentences concurrently for a 30 year sentence or consecutive for a total of 240 years.  For false reasons that had nothing to do with the crime itself the judge acted biased and sentenced me to die in prison by giving me 240 years in prison.  The judge acknowledged my age of 16 and then said these words: “Mr. Bostic, you made your choice, you will live with your choice, and you will die with your choice because Bobby Bostic you will die in the Department of Corrections.  Do you understand that?  Your mandatory date to go in front of the parole is 2201. Nobody in this room will be alive in the year 2201”.