You must be thinking Wayne Brady is hot, why else would you be hitting up my profile? All my boys here think I look just like him, what do you think?

I have been locked up over 15 years now and you would think it gets easier but it doesn’t. I have been feeling ‘blue’ lately, lonely and alone. I realize I not only want communication or friendship but I need it to grow.

I want to find that special lady I can be excited about writing to and perhaps calling. Nothing too serious, someone I can laugh with, talk NBA or NL with. I am a great listener, very compassionate I love Jesus, not judgmental, I read my Bible and pray quite often. My mom and sister say I am sweet, not the ‘sweet’ that wills around with his t-shirt, but the kind type.

I am 5’11, 200pounds, 37 years, dark-skinned, I enjoy basketball and work out from time to time. What is also unique about me is that I am an innocent man and so one ay I hope to be vindicated and exonerated. Justice will come but until then I would like to build friendships with people while here so it will not be so awkward once am out.

I have no kids but however, I have written to several young men to encourage and warn them about living that ‘life’. I work here as a tailor. Do you see the shit am having on? Well, I made it. Yeah, I got skills, I can make a lot of different clothes.

So congratulations, you just won me!

I wouldn’t delay in responding as I am only here for a limited amount of time. Write to me, email me or text my twin sister Danielle with your information so I can write or call, she will get it to me… I will be waiting!

Daniel Bradford #K89633

PO BOX 1000

Menard, IL 62259