“Like the creators of this platform, I espouse the ideals of honesty, loyalty, and creative expression, but also of faith in God and responsibility to mankind. It is my hope that the articles and positions I submit will help demonstrate that all men can rise above their circumstances.

“I was locked up as a kid more than 20 years ago, yet by God’s grace I was able to earn a Master’s Degree in Theology (Shalom Theological Seminary, Summa Cum Laude) and an International Dog Reactivity Certification. I am a self-taught artist, the creator of painting programs and classes that will continue to benefit others for years to come. I’ve also done extensive work in Self-Repair/Cognitive Change, designing and facilitating a myriad of curricula, and I work with the local charity in Forks, WA, each year to build up a scholarship fund for underprivileged kids.

“Change is a matter of the heart, by the regenerating power of God that He reveals through His Common Grace to all or His Saving Grace to those believe. Never give up on God. Never give up on yourself. Change begins in the heart, extends to the family and then the community. Change begins with this generation and extends to the next.”

–Derrick E. Steilman, M.Th., CBATI,www.drsteilman.com

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