Hello! My name is Eduardo, and I’m 26 from the Great State of Texas where the sun just seems to stay shining.

First, I would like to express my gratitude for taking your time in checking out my artwork and profile.

I’ll be sharing with you little something about myself. I have been incarcerated since I was 18 years old just outside of Boise, Idaho, where my trials and tribulation continued at a very young age after some early mistakes in my life. It is indeed hard but also an opportunity to grow and learn from it.

Throughout my extended stay in this gated community I reside in, I have focused on staying productive and keeping a positive mindset throughout my sentence.

Getting my GED is something I have invested time into and was essential for me to obtain. I have also graduated other alternative program to further my education and increase all the potential for a successful future.

On my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, and working out.

Of course, playing sports is also something I enjoy as well.

Aside from staying active in fitness and sports activities. I have also developed a passion for art. Music and art have been such a positive outlet for me to pass the time while staying productive as well. I figured it to be a blessing to be able to find freedom in the expression of art and emotion often without words but could very well, so be worth great interpretation of a much positive message.

I hope you enjoyed the artwork, and if you are interested in viewing my art portfolio or would like to customize something, you can contact me through mail or through the Jpay app on your phone.

Warmest Regards,


Eduardo Rendon #106156,
P.O Box 51
Boise, Idaho 83707