Hey, my name is Gustavo. I was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona. I recently started putting all my time toward my music. I will get released in 2020 and would really like to see where this goes. I’ve been writing poems since I was 15, and a year later, it ended up changing me to writing rap music. I had never really dedicated myself to it because of stage fright. However, as I served my sentence, everyone kept telling me how I could actually do something with it. I just had to get myself out there.

I never had a chance to work in a studio or anything like that but I am a quick learner and would like to give that a chance and want to share their story. I have written a few religious songs but am not a Christian rapper. I write about the things I have been through and those that am going through and religion has always played a part in my life, so it only makes sense that I tell about that part too.

I am planning to start recording as soon as I step out. My rap name is Rico Emzupp, so make sure you listen for me as I guarantee you WILL hear my name. If there is a way you could help me get there faster, it will be much appreciated, but regardless, everybody have a good one!

Gustavo Trevino Jr # 310647
Arizona State Prison Complex Eyman
Unit Browning
PO Box 3400
Florence, AZ 85132