I knew I’d be going to jail – it was only a matter of time. I found out when I received a phone call from a lawyer offering his services for $10,000.00, which I didn’t have. All my life, I’ve been an artist. My mother was an abstract expressionist. My father was a big band musician and a virtuoso on the saxophone, clarinet and flute. I attended the High school of Music and Art in New York City. Upon graduation, I enrolled at the school of Visual arts, where I studied illustration, graphics, and type. I became a commercial artist and did past-ups and mechanicals; it’s similar (somewhat) to drafting. Prison has offered me the time and space to concentrate on art. I draw and paint mainly for myself and the other inmates; I do portraits, wild animals, landscapes, cars and anything else the inmates or their children desire. It’s hard to believe but I never thought of becoming a free-lance artist before prison, how I can’t wait to get out so I can start my real career. One of the loves of my life has been my calico cat. She was with me when I got arrested. I couldn’t leave her home alone and not know what happened to her. The kindly policeman offered to take her to my daughter’s house, so I know she’ll be waiting for me when I leave. Only six more months and we’ll be together again; free.