Incarcerated bm iso LTF looking for a true fiend, someone who will be committed to corresponding with a dedicated artist and writer, seeking correspondence with substance-fighting in justice, serious about life and friendship. Take a chance and make a beautiful discovery.

Just trying to have a conversation via snail mail with someone who’s really into the inside and not for superficial aspects such as race, age, or physical attributes. Wish to cultivate a friendship where we can be ourselves and allow chemistry to lead, tell me your limits as I have none. Should you consider becoming my pen friend here’s some things I promise to be for you.

Someone you can come to for comfort, eyes you can look into and trust, a heart that understands and doesn’t judge, a supporting shoulder to cry on, a prompt reply to all letters and time devoted to you and you alone.

Who am I? A man who laughs, who feels, who cries. Trying to make a connection with a warm and understanding heart and the willingness to allow me to fill it with an abundance of joy, peace and happiness. Someone who isn’t afraid to give and receive letters that are honest and sometimes flirtations.

I know to put oneself at the risk of writing someone brings with it a host of “what ifs” that we usually associate negatively. But what if you hold in your hand right now the power to introduce yourself to someone who will be your life long fiend and more. Then the question becomes what are you waiting for?

Or maybe you simply would like to purchase some art. May each new day deepen your bond with God and manifest your heart desires shalom.

Will answer all.


Kenneth Key A-70562 PO Box 112 Joliet IL 60434