To start off, I´m not the type of individual to paint a picture that isn’t true to their character. I´m here in prison for mistakes I made in my past. I´m not going to sit here and blame everyone else for my misfortunes. Instead I’m going to man up and take responsibility for my actions and improve myself, so that when the comes I´ll be able to go home.
I have a laid back type of personality. Some would say that I’m shy, which is true, but I like to think of it as I´m more aware of the people I let in. Some other qualities of my personality is that I’m not judgmental, funny at times, and determined to become a better person. I don´t give up or quit, that doesn’t run in my DNA. One last thing about myself i´d like to share is that family is the most important thing to me, always has been and always will be..
I started to write in 2017, five years into my sentence. It was a positive way for me to cope with everything. Writing has allowed me to open up and express my feelings to the one I love. At first I never shared my work with anyone, then eventually I´d let certain people read it. Entering into this contest is a big step for me, because I´m allowing people to see without the “ever smiling mask”. I just hope that you enjoyed it and can understand where I’m coming from.
If you are interested in getting to know me, please feel free to reach out to me
My Information:
Nathan Paape
Columbia Correctional Institution.
P.O.Box 900
Portage WI, 53901-0900