Well, guess we’re both in an awkward situation. Myself swimming, you out there fishing. Isn’t it crazy, the fish having to provide the bait, hoping to be caught.

Some people play the lottery and never win. I’d rather spend my money (time) writing this poem and maybe find a friend.

I must admit off the bat, I got issues with fences and walls right now. They seem to be so over possessive over me and keep me boxed in. However, I am free to meet you anywhere in the mind, or in letters and in person if you set it up and come see me.

I’m a very mature young man, and I’m light on my feet and love dancing mentally with a woman who’s experienced enough to know that life’s about enjoying the moment.

Moments are like taking pictures; they’re rare so you never experience those moments again.

With that being said, you wanna take a few photos with me? If so, hit me up, smile and say Cheese!

Sincerely, Taveuan!

Contact info:

P/s Taveuan Williams # 161771
P.O. Box 100
Olney Springs, CO 81062