Looking to connect to and collaborate with writers, social conscious advocates for the repealing of life without parole and the death sentence. Need help marketing books and ideas. Gender-neutral opportunity. Hit me up with Jpay


58 years old
48-year sentence for agg robbery/ assault on public servant
Parole eligibility date: 10/01/2034
If you are reading my profile, then you just finished reading one of my poems- 1 am a serious writer who is committed to writing social solutions to social problems. I am committed to being successful in spite of my incarceration and I thrive off of love, positive energy, creativity and like-minded people who are fighting mass incarceration and the dehumanization that the least of us in America deal with every day.
I am looking for friends of human origin!! Especially writers and producers I have already written one Best seller from Prison that has a global message and I planning to do ten more Join me.
I am a Spiritualist who loves the diversity of the human family I am a nerd who loves knowledge, science, anthropology, politics and especially orphans.
I am not going anywhere soon!!! I look to meet long term writing friends. I am in need of writing partners for future projects that offers solutions to social problems. Contact me if you are interested.

Thank You.
Willie Fleming
2664 F.F. 2054

Tennesse Colony, Tx 75886