Name Daniel Byrd

D.O.B August 20, 1990

Charge: Robbery/sentenced to 15 years/10 years served

Current Hobbies: Yoga, Vacation Magazines, Poetry and Greek & African Mythology

Thank you for reading my profile, this is a first for me and so I hope you have read my poem that I submitted with this short intro. I am from Austin Texas. I am a man who is waiting for these doors to open so that I can smell, taste, see and feel alive again. I have been here since I was 19 I am 28. I wish I could say that it’s been easy but it hasn’t. However, it’s just about over and I am preparing to enter into business. I am a welder and an entrepreneur who is a first-time college student for my family. Well that is if you consider adopted brothers and sisters family!! I am learning to express myself and so I have delved into poetry. I love the blue oceans and so I look at anything with oceans in it, if I could have a dream job, it would be as a photographer! I would like to find a friend who can help me professionally with my business plan, just putting it together and some who can show me the world through their eyes. Hope to hear from you soon, your new friend!!

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810 F.M. 2821, Huntsville,TX 77349