Hello, I am David!

This image can be seen in multiple ways. What does it say to you? Lost into darkness? Saved for redemption? I could say that I have climbed out of the abyss of darkness that was my life. I created most of what it had become. Yes, trauma and abuse planted seeds early in my life. I lost my way. I lost how to feel. I learned how to Escape. I started early and often. I was trapped in between…Who I even was!

My journey has been a struggle. So much pain, shame, anger, sadness and guilt. I left a wake of destruction in my path. Today through healing from my wounds and learning about the power of forgiveness of myself and others, my life has meaning and purpose.

Through this platform, I seek to connect with individuals and cultivate positive relationships. I would like to share my journey with you, but I would also wish to join you on your journey, living vicariously through your experiences.

I am living my road to redemption. I take full responsibility for all of my past actions and behaviors. I hold myself accountable and wish to continue learning, healing and growing as a man. I know that I must continue to be the best person I can every day. I have fully connected myself to sobriety and being of service to those around me.

I am 43 and been incarcerated since 1998. I am single with no children and seeking friendship. I am serving a 15 to life sentence for second degree murder.

I do not want to forever be seen as the worst decision and day of my life. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care!

David Cable P15787 A-1-149


P.O. Box 409020

Ione, CA 95640