People say life comes down to choices.
But sometimes it feels like the voices
have made the choices for you,
they implore you to see
their twisted truth.
Their forked tongue rejoices
at the sins of your youth
because they provide an excuse
for you to listen to the lie
for you to take all the blame.
The world has advanced,
but the lie’s still the same:
everyone would be better off
without you.
That just isn’t true.
You would be missed.
Pay no mind to
what the voices hissed.
Think of the things
still to check off your list.
No whirlwind romances,
no true love kissed.
The voices second favorite lie:
you don’t matter,
so why even try?
This lie is worse than the first,
pain so deep.
You think your heart might burst,
but someone out there
is counting on you.
They are a stranger,
but you’ll pull them through.
When you claw your way,
out of that well.
You will know how to pull them
from their own private hell.
You will teach them,
life’s most vital choice:
Find others and reach them,
drown out that voice.
Go back to that well,
and lower the ladder.
A scared someone down there,
needs to hear that they matter.
That they are not alone,
that life is a choice,
the best choice of all.
They need to hear
that when the voices call
out that same old lie.
Reach out for help, remember why
you matter. Remember when you need
that ladder in the most desperate way,
it’s only a phone call way,
and you
are not alone.
By Benjamin Frandsen