Existing Beauty
By David C. Robinson
Devotion is sustained and deep like the water in the sea.
The wind cascades along the lands…
As flowers blossom and dance for all of us to see.
Purposely skies are clear, becoming pure of no rain.
So the birds can fly south with the wind beneath their wings.
And the sun is ascended shining bright in the azure for the universe to contain,
Gratifying persistence keeps our world whole.
Even within the night peace is common whenever the air blows cold.
The stars align deep in the darkness attempting to fill each void.
But then we’d have day in the night; either way each minute is a blessing to my sight.
And if I counted the stars in the sky…. I would think each is a measure of God’s love; sending us an indication of his abundance from up above.
But do we all see this reality?
I guess the nature of the earth is slightly grasping me.
I perceive it for what it is.
It’s internal, embedded in our atmosphere.
Like a lover’s heart that is preciously pure.
And I’m grateful to be here; to experience the scenery.
Because there are many other places that I could be.
Sometimes we cry for all the wrong reasons; but forget to appreciate all of life’s seasons.
Then hurt the very world that we aim to protect; and that’s when we live in regret.
Destroying the beauty in which we were created; and I know most won’t relate to this.
So I’ll continue to cherish every moment that I see a rose on earth; because any other universe could be worse.
With no existing beauty….