My name is Meth, some call me speed.
Want to go fast? I’ll fill that need.
I’ll give you a life full of loss full of pain.
I’ll take all that you own, you’ll never be the same.
I’ll be your best friend; you’ll want nobody but me.
Take one puff and you’ll clearly see.
I’ll be loyal with you every day, every night.
Until you lose it all, then I ‘ll be out of sight.
Call me what you want, it makes no difference to me,
use me just once and you’ll be free.
Look around at the ones you call friends,
puffing your stuff while sharing your sins.
They’re on the team, you’re number one,
until you need em most, then they’re on the run.
Like I said, I’m your true friend
with you day and night until the very end.
When you get tired don’t take a snooze,
take that one hit friend.
Now you lose!
By Joshua Roberts