Beauty in my visions accommodating within.

Credence in my thoughts of where to begin.

Accepting the fact emotions escaped.

A language unspoken;

As stress evaporates.

Surely tribulations has now digressed.

Recasting deep ache;

It was love effortless.

I give you access to a bottomless pit.

Devotions so radiant it blends with the mist.

Follow the trail that pours no rain.

I’ll give my all if it causes no pain.

These visions of love brings nature to the senses.

In a world of shallowness, misery and grayness.

Could I mirror the values of what’s delighted?

The core of a flame has now being ignited.

Feel the warmth of my depth;

The comfort for a queen.

The start I was once ignorant to was night in front of me.