Know you can’t stand the yelling, screaming and calls. I know you’re in there behind a lie—or something you did impulsively and can’t remember why. I know you can’t cry, and that you ‘ve thought it might be better if you die. I now you’ve looked at the ceiling and thought about ways to end your feelings.
Let me show you how to free yourself from the funk Lay back on your bunk and just be still. Close your eyes and don’t feel what you feel. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Now look inside your mind. Take your time. Listen inside your mind. Take your time, turning your eyes inside. Open them and look down inside of you. Travel down inside of you until you find—the original you. Look at the people who love you. Remember the gifts God gave you. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Avoid the hell of your cell by diving deeper into you. Remember the love, laughs and fun. Now forgive yourself for what you’ve done. I know you feel like a mess.
But this is a time you must talk to yourself, softly say, “I forgive me”

Be free. Be free, now allow your imagination to show you your destiny. With
your eyes closed see your arms turning into wings. Fly into the future and see new things. See your new life. Laugh with your new friends. your imagination is limitless, and it never ends. Look at where you will be after year three. Fly into year ten. You are bound to win. Did you know the Kingdom of God is within? Peace is also within- You can lay there and fly free within until it all ends.
If you stay inside of you, you can deal with whatever is outside of you.
I declare and decree that you shall live and not die— And here’s why. God knows the plans He has for you. They are for you to live and laugh. Remember that this day, moment and time shall pass. Read this again and fly free. Again, and again and again. Fly Free.

by Willie Fleming