Over 2.6 million individuals currently confined in jail OR prison in America

And millions more on some form of probation or parole

Mass incarceration is an issue that needs to be dealt with. There really isn’t a one size fits all solution to this


Getting Involved

End mass incarceration

As people have many different reasons that lead them to get into these places and situations, what may work for some people will not work for others.

It happens too often

Individuals in prison are forgotten about by society, even in cases, by their own family, looked down upon; thus, leaving them worse off than when they entered the prison system.

Donald Simpson breaking the cycle

Breaking the Cycle by Donald Simpson, incarcerated artist

When the only support these individuals find is through negative activities, and the position against them is to punish them, rehabilitation is far from the forefront.

Designed Conviction

A social enterprise

Prison Art by Dean Salinas

A Poem out of Designed Conviction by Dean Rey Salinas, incarcerated artist

We are taking a proactive approach with the goal of ending mass incarceration.

We are bringing hope into prison through Designed Conviction The Magazine, capturing stories of individuals having success upon their release. As well as people that are making a positive impact while currently still incarcerated, displaying, beautiful works of art from inside and offering the opportunity to bring ideas to life and get exposure for positive works.

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From both sides of the fence

Building this platform on both sides of the fence is a step in the right direction of finding the solution to end mass incarceration. Founded by a man serving life, and his wife. 

Happy Couple, Designed Conviction

Taylor and Cecilia Conley, Founders of Designed Conviction.

It started with a dream

A meaninGful cause

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