‘Here After’ written Sept. 30th, 2017
4-ever disconnected from the world you once knew; before your eyes is a sea of white clouds and skies the color of baby blue. U was sure u were here to stay; yet god had other plans and here’s the play by play. Shots rang out, you’re hanging on by a nail; your hearts pumping hard as the blood puddle swells. Damn, u couldn’t even pick a number (beeep) you can’t breathe, your time is up, you’re in a state of eternal slumber. You was always with the belief you was the author of your own life’s story; now you’re laying on your back life’s hanging in the balance trying to give god his glory.
Your eyes open, your sitting on a cloud, feet dangling over the edge; you realize something ain’t right as you make a halfhearted pledge. God forgive me for my sins, if I die before I wake, I pray my soul for you to take”; across the way is figures in the form of shooting lights having fun behind a pearly gate. How did I get here? is your only question; magically appearing before your eyes is your life’s reflection. You thought your worth was unmeasurable, this is common trend; now your calling out for those you loathe, god, family, even man’s best friend.
These figures are waving you over, but you see the errors of your ways; you get to cross back to the other side and rewrite some plays.
Beep, beep, beep, beep, we got a pulse!
Stephen Sugarman Reed
S.V.S.P. C2-128
P.O. Box 1050
Soledad, CA. 93960