I’ve been mad at the clock,
for the time that’s been stolen
sitting here staring,
at the picture that I’m holdin…
as for the picture that I’m holdin,
my life and my world
daddy’s little girl…
the only thing I have,
in this whole world…
when her mom told me she was
pregnant, thought – damn
I done, done it…
started making plans for the future,
talking to her stomach…
wondering what you were, what
you would grow up to be..
a princess like your mom, or a
hustlah like your daddy…
ended up being both, you help
me smile and make me happy.
Gotta thank her momma, for keeping her in my life…
out of all my choices, you been the only one that’s right…
glad I’ve got to watch her grow,
and she’s still by my side…
On my mind every day,
and no other way of knowing..
there is no way to hide it,
cuz it always starts showing..
when I’m stuck, staring at her picture,
that I’m always holdin.