Art helped me, by helping me to express things that I wanted to say but I didn’t have the courage to say them. So I started drawing, then painting, and little by little, that opened me up, helping me to get more comfortable with being able to communicate verbally. Expressing myself where I once felt I couldn’t, you might think, how did you do that? Well here’s the situation, my daughter’s mother destroyed my heart, and I felt too manly to try to express what she did and how she made me feel. I felt if I communicated what she did verbally, I would feel less of a man, but if I drew it, I could feel better about the situation, and save face so to speak. So I expressed what I was feeling in my art, kind of like the “return to sender” piece I sent to you, and the “yellow tape nightmares” piece I sent. Art gave me a different outlet of expression, and helped me to be confident when communicating verbally to this day.