So eager, so hungry to love and to be a part of the world I cannot see.
Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning, drowning from not being that unique thing that God created me to be!
So many days spent daydreaming about living inside a reality which my physical body can’t travel to.
My hopes and dreams only ring the telephones of those I love constantly I tell them, “Soon in their arms, I’ll shall be!”.
And what is free? You tell me, as I yell inside the halls of my mind crying out, “let’s go play hide and seek!”.
Lovely as I sigh, looking into the vanilla skies maybe one day there I will be.
And love? What a beautiful idea to chase after, to imagine processing, feeling, and stretching so far out to reach.
Then, suddenly my heart becomes weak, your touch, your subtle kisses and argumentative attitudes which excites me and gives me the rush that reminds me of why heart and soul always meet!
Wow, my life mixed with yours is so sweet. I love you!
by Taveuan Williams