I guess I was destine for this…
The scenery with a breeze….
The blessings I’ve received….
And the people that have deceived.
It’s a test we have to take, a decision we must make….
Of life’s circumstances, individuals and romances.
But we sometimes seem to fail; pondering on results, our fate, heaven and hell.
In the midst a heart will break; and sometimes its the pain we have to take…
In order to be awakened.
Position determines perspectives.
Yet eyes don’t perceive the same when we see.
Feelings may alter as we speak.
But the world is full of existence so what do we seek?
And the thought of not knowing drives me weak.
It’s a given for me not to forget; how easy it feels for me to quit.
Because blessing don’t appear within shallow waters; and my failures I don’t regret.
They’re inevitable….
I had to swallow my pride to be underrated.
I’m not uninfallible; I shed tears.
Destiny is inexplicable; we’ve witnessed for years.
Though in time we shall see; the casket that awaits.
To steal our immortality; closing life’s gates.
By David C. Robinson