Before I start writing about my 1963 Corvette Stringray coupe I’d like you to know what brought me to this point in my life.

I could not have done all that I have in my life without the help of the Lord. It wasn’t until mid-thirties that I found the Lord and my life changed forever. One thing I found out at that time is that heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ, know who I am, and they love me. Because of this knowledge I will never feel like I’m alone in this world ever again.

Another thing I know is that the holy ghost is always at my side, to answer my prayers and help me along the way, as I live worthy to receive him.

Whit this knowledge I have been able to communicate with everyone better.

Hopefully, the love and knowledge I have found in the Lord and Heavenly Father will move you to a point that you too will find the pathway to them through the make of life.

As you may know, my love for the automobile is through its art form and the array of colors that are applied to these beautiful creatures.

The 1963 Corvette is no exception! Peter Brock was a talented. automobile designer, at a very young age, who worked for the General Motors Design Studio when the C2 Corvette was being considered. It was his design that was picked for the new look.

For the first time in Corvette history there would be a coupe and convertible, they produced about an equal amount of each for that model year. The coupe had a split rear window when only wasted one year… but remains one of the most iconic Corvettes lever… and my favorite even though I’ve owned both. It also had disk brakes and independent suspension front and rear.

Here are a few things I did to my Split-window that you might like!

•Lowered the vehicle about 2”.
•Applied tinted window all around.
•Remove the antenna and Corvette script of the back panel.
•Removed the door handles and applied flush kindig door handles.
•Mounted the antenna under the roof.
•Replaced the hub caps with a slotted oversize billet aluminum rims.
•Installed electric door window.
•Replaced the hood louvers with stainless steel real looking ones.
•Outlined with stainless steel all the fake louvers on the fenders and B pillar.
•Replaced the door mirrors with monza mirrors.
•Replaced the engine and trans with a Ram set and 350C automatic.
•Repainted the body and engine bay with a brighter metallic silver.
•Added A/C and heat unit under the dash.

This is the type of modifications I typically do to most of my vehicles to make them mine!

Hopefully, you will enjoy what I’ve done to the vehicle as much as I have, enjoy!!!