Greetings to Everyone,

I am an up coming artist in Designed Conviction. However, you should take time to view some of my work on Facebook…

Well my style of art varies due to my growth in life. I love to draw and color and being my newest avenue. I feel I’ve touched many, thoughts? What next?

Someone who’s into fashion of clothes? Nature? Animals? Beverages? Interior decoration? As well as People? Just to name a few. I’m open minded to it.

I’m 5’8, 168lbs, Black and Philippine; born in California but raised in Texas. I’m into working out, playing chess, sudokus, listening to radio, is the mind that loves to travel and place thoughts with faces. Furthermore, I’m a Virgo, wondering if horoscopes speaks the truth? I believe so. So the quotes, poetry and literature give me an insight of what’s within communication.  I’m not perfect and there’s no questions I would not consider not answering. Your loyalty and difficulties it’s best we do not share more of our time.

My  time is value in more that you can read from this. A person who has responsibilities, morals as well as respecting their elders. My struggles is mine, but if you have an heart then it’s ours. Vice versa. I’m blessed to have an support team. Life’s in your growth expands…I aint sure if everyone is friends with. My positive movement doesn’t stop either. To all I’ll like to thank you for the curiosity, the courage, your strength you have taken and at least given me some type of love and hopefully an start is a plus and not a rush. At any time.

Sincerely Mr. John D.

John Dewayne Franklin #1639013


1697 FM 980

Huntsville, TX 77343