My name is Joshua Roberts. I am 40 years old (Gemini), educated, and a proud Las Vegas native, born & raised. Saving all the little details for those who may be interested at a later time. I’d describe myself in short by saying that in no way do my previous bad decisions nor my current residence play a role in who I am. I admit I’ve made incarceration a big part of my life. That doesn’t mean anything other than I’m really good at making bad choices. I do well in society, family & friends, a job, a home, I pay taxes, bills and I look out for my neighbors. One slip on drugs leads me here every time. This time the great state of Nevada’s judicial system decided to sentence me as a habitual criminal (non-violent). Receiving 10-25 years for property crimes.  

To speak some about the things I choose to write. Actually, taking the time to put my thoughts or feelings on paper is something new. When I first began writing my thoughts, giving the piece a title, I had no intentions on sharing them with anyone, since they were personal and I figured of no interest to anyone else. It wasn’t long before I realized that there are people who will relate to the things I write. I’ve decided to send some of the writing I’ve done, not for any award but instead to share my real thoughts. I write about real life and while it may seem as though it is all negative, that’s not the case at all. Although, it’s easy to see why it would seem that way. Every writing comes from an experience of mine, not always pretty but always real. I’ll close for now but hope to have an opportunity to share more of my writings in the future. Any questions, comments are welcome.

Feel free to write me at:

Joshua Roberts #82262

P.O. Box 650

Indian Springs, NV 89070