Kiss me as I descend unhinged into a dismal, abysmal, abyss, where the voices of the forgotten cry out.


The smell of the rising mist musk is the stench of burnt human hopes.

Kiss me knowing I was conceived by stars in the act of porn.

Unwanted when born, abused for a dozen years on the farm.

Silenced with “Kettle Corn Whiskey”.

Treated with Grand Theft Auto when frisky. Prostituted for oxycontin, beaten for getting sick and coughing. Trafficked as terrific at thirteen. Killed a trick who sodomized me at seventeen, sentenced to life without parole at nineteen. Kiss me now for real before I die in this dreadful dystopia whose dreg is filled with fifty thousand heads of “America’s Invisible Living Dead”. We’re the poorest of the poor. Deemed a teen unable to be cured for future use because we might return to the roost where we first suffered abuse.

Kiss me quickly while I still believe in humanity, before I morph into an animal and lose my sanity like the others who must fall aimlessly for seven decades.

Whose memories fade as they wade in the nebula of the abyss crying that they can’t even remember a kiss. For real!!!

Kiss me them, not with hubris but with hope for the bulk of us.

Kiss me them, for me, as if you are the hero of humanity. Knowing that your lone kiss will never reach me but may save them from reaching me, but may save them from dying before ever experiencing an unadulterated kiss.

Father, mother it’s not too late to kiss me.

Kiss me them, the orphan, immigrant, homeless, special needs, often neglected, socially rejected, unclean, unkept, living under the shadow in pain and shame children.

Kiss me them, father, mother, sister, brother, teacher, preacher, scientist, doctor, CEO, magician, politician, patriot, puritan.

Kiss me them again and again. On my forehead, eyes, cheeks, ears and nose.

Kiss away their fears and tears as I descend deeper into the bowels of the bottomless. Into the ranks of “America’s Invisible Living Dead”.

They are in the shelter, in the park, in the apartment alone, under the bridge, in the cold, in the rain always sad and always in pain. Kiss them, Kiss me, Kiss me them.

Please…Kiss me them.