Hello, and welcome to friends and family. I can hardly believe it myself, that we’ve been around for two years. This last year hasn’t been easy for anyone. Many have experienced tragedy and our hearts go out to you. All the conditions of life may be harsh and filled with tremendous adversity.

In the face of this adversity, these moments of hardship and pain, struggle and loss, I challenge you to find some good to not let this overwhelm or defeat you. I myself have been weighed heavily upon by circumstances, which I can’t control, but it’s how I react and deal with that, which sets the course of the future.

Designed Conviction, a deaconess of light into the darkness, a vessel of hope and the seas of sorrow. As we move forward through the struggle to contribute to a brighter tomorrow, you are all invited to join in and let your voice be heard. We won’t stop. We won’t give up. Life’s a journey. It doesn’t matter.

The road you’ve been on – What matters is what you do from this point forward. It’s never too late to change course. And you can always create a new destination.