Welcome back friends and family. We’re on a mission to get this platform out there as far and wide as possible. The journey is never ending, but anything that is easy, surely won’t last. 

I want to invite you to contribute, to share your thoughts and insights and tell us your story. Political unrest and society continues to be in chaos. What do you do to cope with these difficult times?

We would like to hear from you. Share with us your goals, your dreams, and what you are doing to get started on them. Or what have you already been able to accomplish?

Having a plan is important. I realized some time ago that I used to make plans and figure out how to accomplish things that were negative. I put all this energy into the wrong things that ended with my serving life in prison. If I were to put that same energy into accomplishing something worthwhile, I could get far, which is true. But it’s not only having a plan and setting goals that are tangible and filling them along the way.

Here’s the most important part that will take you wherever it is that you want to go. In life, no matter what, never give up. I’ve been really close to giving up several times, but if you keep on keeping on one day, you’ll get there.