Hello and welcome. These past six months have been a real test. With so much in the world changing and society coming to a stop all around us, the bottom of the totem pole for resources is the incarcerated population. Although we are lost and forgotten about, we haven’t forgotten about you. I feel your pain, missing loved ones, truly concealed from the world, yet sitting ducks to the virus. Well, you’ve got a friend in Designed Conviction. We haven’t stopped fighting for all who want that second chance. The virus has set us back a quarter on the magazine but things on the outside are moving stronger than ever, as our team is grinding hard to get this message out, promoting the positive works of those locked up and the formerly incarcerated.

We formed new partnerships and launched marketing campaigns. You may have not heard from us this last quarter, but Designed Conviction is here to stay and we’ll be moving forward stronger than ever. We had to cancel the shows we had planned, but this has given us the opportunity to really focus on the digital side of things, get all our platforms growing and getting more exposure to all who are on it.

It is my personal mission to see that all who are working towards positive goals and a brighter future have the opportunity to shine. Follow your dreams. I am here to tell you that anything is possible if you believe.