Hello and welcome to another edition of Designed Conviction the Magazine. I must start by thanking everybody who were so kind to send in cards and gifts for our newborn baby girl. Your kindness has touched our hearts. Since starting this social enterprise, we have aimed to build a platform where folks can showcase their positive works. If you are unfamiliar with getting on the platform, please check out the annual contest to learn. Last year the exhibit was held virtually. This year we are working on putting together an in-person exhibition at a gallery. We hope to have those details available for your next issue.

We are determined to bridge the gap between incarceration and society, sparking new conversations about the talent locked away. The contest’s primary goal is to give back, in this case, by purchasing Christmas presents for the children of the incarcerated. Last year we made sure several families had something under the tree. The idea is to make this year an even more significant success.

Thank you so much for all the support. Stay tuned for what’s to come by subscribing and never miss an issue.