Drama equals ratings, and television provides all the drama we love to hate. Many of you have heard of the WE TV series titled Love After Lockup. And of course, you have heard of Lizzie Kommes.

Love After Lockup follows men and women who are dating inmates soon to be released. It portrays the ups and downs of maintaining these relationships in the real world. The show is full of love, arguments, hurt and hope; all that comes with normal dating. Except most of these couples haven’t met in person. This show documents it all. 

The scenes you see edited for TV don’t accurately represent a person. People watch a show and tend to judge the cast, assuming they know them because it’s so called “reality”.

Lizzie Kommes is one of the most memorable stars of this show. While in prison she was known to hustle men for cash and use it to fund her heroin addiction. It made for good TV. And even though she really did hustle these men, it’s such a small portrayal of who she really is.

 In the beginning of the show, she’s in prison, awaiting the end of her sentence. She had used the prison’s email system to meet men on various websites that you can find prison pen pals. The show followed her relationship with a man named Scott. Scott was happily showering her with money and gifts, claiming she was the love of his life. 

Love After Lockup showed Scott prepping for her arrival to his home. Worrying that perhaps she gave him the wrong release date as other “prison hustlers” have done in the past. Ditching the men (or women) they pretended to care for, only using them for what they gave. 

The drama builds as Scott shows up at the prison to pick her up. But after the long road trip, he was told she was not going to be released that day. The show later revealed that Lizzie was found with heroin and her sentence was prolonged.  

After her sentence was complete, Scott brought her to his home. Within hours of her release she seemed happy, spending time with her daughter, swimming and enjoying freedom after being locked up for a decade. 

Scott complained to the camera crew that she was not attentive enough to him. This caused an argument between Scott and Lizzie. In that moment, she deemed her famous sing-songy catchphrase; “It’s all in your head”.

Soon after the show, their relationship ended. She moved back to her home in Wisconsin. Moving on from the drama and her past to start anew.

Lizzie Kommes is full of strength and perseverance. While in prison Lizzie spent almost 10 years using. In an environment that one would think would be safe from drugs. Unfortunately, drugs run just as rampant in prison as they do on the streets. 

Being in that situation would be hard for any person to handle. Addicts are easily susceptible to use as a coping mechanism. Many people have never experienced the battle of an opiate addiction. The way it holds on to you and doesn’t let go. It takes many people extensive treatment to get over this addiction. It requires even the strongest person to be isolated from the drug in order to recover. 

Lizzie Kommes managed recovery on her own while still incarcerated. She found the strength of God and accredits him for taking her addiction away. It came to her in a dream of the Devil tempting her, and her resisting that temptation.

In the time we have known Lizzie Kommes, she has had no issue being candid about her past. She was kind enough to be interviewed on our podcast. She believes in what we are doing and helps us send positive messages about second chances for the incarcerated.

Lizzie Kommes is charming, funny and sweet. She leads a normal life in the Midwest. Once a stripper, she now works at a plastics factory driving a forklift. 

When she’s not working, she is going to school. She has almost completed her degree to become a drug and alcohol counselor, to help save people from living the life that she led. 

She is an extraordinary person with a story to tell. A positive influencer on Instagram, she posts images of her favorite bible verses with her fans often. She has a successful YouTube channel where she shares her prison stories, recipes and more. Her “Jail House Makeup” video went viral with over 1.4 million views. 

Although Lizzie Kommes has had a taste for fame, she is never too busy to reach out to her fans. They often seek her advice over drug use and recovery. She makes sure to respond, be supportive and offer advice, doing whatever she can to make a difference. 

Her laughter is contagious, and you can’t help but smile while speaking with her. Although some people tend to pass judgment on her and her mistakes, those mistakes do not define who she is as a person. 

She is living her new beginning, her second chance. Staying positive and true to herself. She currently has a website where you can view her photos, reach out to her, or buy some merchandise with her favorite saying “It’s all in your head.” www.lizziekommes.com. 

Thank you for reading, we are bringing hope into prisons.