We cannot function correctly without proper leadership. The world needs its leaders. We have trouble in this area because we appoint poor leaders. Leadership requires skills of unselfishness and patience, even love. There isn’t much to expect from a selfish, arrogant leader (sometimes called dictator), besides the usual frustrating reminder of oppression and misery.
That though, is just a worldview. In the community, poor leadership shows a bit closer than it is wanted, and in prison, even closer. If you are in a position to lead (by lead I mean influence), you have a special responsibility to help position others, giving them the tools they need to better function in certain settings and scenarios. You are also help accountable for not taking serious this responsibility.
Using someone’s weaknesses to enhance your own purpose is unfair and unethical, something many people do not care about. Most of the time, money is the motive. Other times, power. Either way, the only way we are going to advance in the world, in our world, is to cooperate with the reality of doing the right thing.
Who cares what the next man is doing for attention, money, or whatever reason. We need to be doing what we know to be right. Why make this journey any harder that it already is? What gain is there in rebellion when the cause against authority is futile? The world is not against you, you are against you!
We need to take the time to understand and accept our time. Yes, there are different ways of going home early, but complaining, reckless behavior, trying to find an exit through drugs, are not effective vehicles.
Do not allow this time that you are serving get the best of you, by bringing out the worst of you. No matter how much time you may have, you should always remain a man of dignity, ethical standards, and strengths of a positive nature. We do not have to behave as animals just because our lives are lived in cages. Peace!
By Avery Williams