Coming from New York, more specifically the Bronx, OG Omyth grew up in the thick of the mix. Immersed in the culture of hip-hop from the place where it began. Starting off into graffiti, which led him to music, everything from the clothing to the lingo, he soaked up the game. The streets pulled him in, and his art was replaced with the all too familiar grind, which took him to spend a decade behind the concrete walls and cyclone fences that house so many stricken with poverty. Along the way, he met many men who shared the vision to build a better life and uplift the youth pulled into the streets. Manifest Something Beautiful was born. An independent entertainment company. Their goal is to send meaningful messages that resonate with their fans. The artists that make up Manifest Something Beautiful are: OG Omyth, Army Blaque, K Most, Skunk, Johnny Alkada, and Shawn Kain. That is why Designed Conviction is working with them to launch their first digital release “Certificate of Perseverance Part 1”. This project has great meaning and consists of four songs, one of them being “Nobody Wins”.

Written and produced by OG Omyth and Army Blaque, Nobody Wins, is a heartfelt song that depicts a relationship of two lifelong neighborhood friends, OG Omyth and G-Mak, who became a rap duo. At some point life happened, and each had to maneuver life changes and familial responsibilities. G-Mak started a career in the workforce, while Omyth was put on pause with injury. Eventually OG Omyth began to create. Once he was ready to get things moving again, G-Mak was still otherwise occupied. OG Omyth began to question when their next project was coming, but he knew G-Mak was occupied mentally elsewhere. Fans assumed the duo were broken up, so Omyth made this song to relay that they were not in fact broken up but on a hiatus of sorts. The last project was titled Beats and Bars Premium Quality Volume 1, delivered on a mix-drive replacing yesteryears mixtape that fans favored, making them eager for more. Acclaimed as a classic by some, volume 2 was eagerly anticipated. OG Omyth could not provide this highly requested follow-up due to G-Mak’s current time and energy being occupied by his current career choice.

In the meantime, OG Omyth continued to work on several projects, always leaving room within the projects for G-Mak to add his gifts to the work. OG Omyth would do this by always prefacing his introduction with “one half of the legendary group OG Audio”, letting his partner and the world know he was awaiting his return and was ready for it. This one song of many from OG Omyth, earning a symbolic “Certificate of Perseverance,” would manifest itself as the title of this current EP.