I was in prison on the fourth
of November, when my
mother died.
I laid under the cover for
hours and cried.
When the Chaplain informed me
that I would not be able to go
to the funeral.
I was in unspeakable pain.
Then it began to rain.
And I saw my mother thru
the bars of my cell in the rain
under a light.
In that moment I dropped to
my knees and told her that
she was right when she told
You’re going to get in some
trouble that I can’t get you
out of.
A hard head makes a soft
If you’ll lie, you’ll steal.
You’re starting to get too big
for your britches.
Money don’t grow on trees.
If you think life is easy, just
sit back and ride.
Sticks and stones will break
your bones, but words will never hurt.
It’s better to say there he
goes, rather than there he lays.
Ain’t nothing in the streets
after midnight but trouble
and death.
If you can dance and sing for
the devil, then you can come
to church and worship the
You are not going to stay
here and not go to school or
Boy you are not too big for
me to beat.
I will beat you like a Hebrew
I will beat you back into
The only friend you have is
Blood is thicker than water.
I brought you into this world
and I will take you out.
If you are big enough to
make the mess, you are big
enough to clean it up.
I didn’t raise you like that.
The grass always looks
greener on the other side.
The bird you have in your
hand is better than the two in
the bush.
The race of life is not won by
the fastest runner, slow
Ain’t nobody gonna put up
with your mess after I’m
I would surely like to see you
change before it’s too late.
Son, I don’t know what’s
gonna happen after I’m gone.
Momma, you’re right.
By Willie Fleming