Yesterday my hands held treasures.
Precious gifts from God above.
My daughter’s tiny palm in mine.
Eyes filled with trust and love.
As we crossed the busy street.
To reach the other side.
I remember how I felt that day.
A father’s glowing pride.
Today my hands they grip.
The bars of my cold cell.
Now that I am stuck
Inside this living hell
My hands once held stacks of cash.
That meant so much to me.
Now I have to wonder.
Why I didn’t see
That it was only paper
Not treasure like I thought
I regret the sins I did
Before I finally got caught
I remember now my hands
Brushed my wife’s long silky hair
As I recall this memory
It’s more than I can bear
All that I have lost
I finally understand
As I sit in here and ponder
And close my empty hands
Now I think I’ll fold them
As I bow my head and pray
I’ll clasp them close together
As I think of what to say
“My Father please forgive me”
For all that I have done
For all the pain I’ve caused
To each and every one
I squandered all you gave me
I tossed it in the air
I lived my life in sin
And never even cared
Now I see my foolishness
And finally understand
As I sit alone in prison
And close my empty hands

By Ray Bass