Hope is a state of mind
To survive is a choice of mine
My reasons for choosing life change from day to day
Sometimes I cry and wish things weren’t this way
Sometimes I fly and crash to my knees and pray
I ask God why and wonder if he hears what I say…

How do I survive while sentenced to 200 to life
Man I hate prison
and I can’t stop thinkin bout all the things that I’m missin
All alone so far from home and all I’m left with is this man in the mirror
Missin Mom’s voice wishin I could hear her
I had to redefine hope and look for it in strange places
TV shows, books and reciprocating looks on stranger’s faces
I say good mornin and make small talk
I fake it till I make it and continue to walk
One foot before the other, don’t look too far ahead
I always reflect to what my mother said
Depression comes in waves
And if you hold on