I called up Big Buzz, and he told me, “Bubba, we’re going to do “Outlaw” with Struggle through you guys.” “Which song?” I said, “the one you were telling me about that you’ve been working on with SMG Jimmy?” He said “yup”. I couldn’t believe it. This was great news. I’ve been hearing about SMG Jimmy through Big Buzz for quite some time. He is a dude from Chicago that has been making music and is pretty hooked up out there. He has been working on a new sound and is making some big moves. He is a formerly incarcerated man coming up in the streets to make his way by creating his art, finding his voice, and collaborating on this project with Struggle Jennings and Big Buzz. Struggle, a hit-making music man out of Nashville, Tennessee, grandson of the legendary outlaw country star Waylon Jennings, also served ten years behind the fences.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you remember when we interviewed him on Life of a Lifer.

As the conversation proceeded, Big Buzz asked me if I wanted to hear the song. Do I wanna hear the song? Does an alligator like chicken? Yeah, I wanna hear the song. As I listened to it hearing SMG Jimmy singing, you could tell he really put himself into it, telling a piece of his story. While Big Buzz served his verse second blazing through the track with his lyrical venom, Struggle came through at the end to close it out and brought some fire to make this cut something memorable.

It left enough of an impression that I felt compelled to write a whole article on it. And that was just the rough draft that I heard. And he said, “We’re just getting started!”